• Færch Plast acquires leading recycler 4PET Group

    By Converter on July 30, 2018
    Færch Plast is closing the loop on plastic food trays with the acquisition of Dutch 4PET Group, a leading sheet manufacturer with unique recycling capabilities. With this acquisition, Færch is becoming one of the world’s first integrated plastic packaging suppliers that achieves a circular economy for recycling food trays on an industrial scale, turning plastic packaging into a resource “For […]
  • Sculptured beauty adds new brand packaging appeal

    By Converter on July 25, 2018
    Dr Glenn Wood, COO of packaging technology providers, Fresnels Inc., says studies and a growing body of research reveal that shoppers struggle to home in on the product they will ultimately buy, and this is where the latest brand enhancement features can add real value – and sales Fresnels Inc. was the first to offer circular fresnel lenses in hot […]
  • Honeycomb materials delivering performance and growth in packaging

    By Converter on July 16, 2018
    Experience in packaging EconCore actively licenses its technology for the continuous production of thermoplastic honeycomb core materials, to companies around the world in various industry sectors. The advantage of being able to produce core materials with optimised performance-to-weight ratios, at high speeds, in high volumes, and with the lowest possible costs, has brought the honeycomb structure – once reserved for […]
  • Mark Andy & Esko place emphasis on pre-press

    By Converter on July 12, 2018
    Mark Andy co-hosted a special event with Esko at its European headquarters in Warsaw.  The event, which attracted 50 representatives from printing companies around Eastern Europe, included live demos of Mark Andy presses and Esko prepress solutions, the most important of which highlighted label printing using Esko Equinox software Lena Chmielewska, responsible for marketing at Mark Andy in Poland, states: […]
  • Roberts Mart invests £3 million in new machinery in the wake of a stellar year

    By Converter on July 5, 2018
      The Leeds-based Roberts Mart and Co, one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers and suppliers of flexible packaging, has invested £3 million in brand-new state-of-the-art machinery. The investment comes in the wake of a tremendously successful 12 months with a booming order book and turnover set to reach a record-breaking £36 million by the end of the year. The […]
  • A triumph: BOBST’s Open House COMPETENCE18 shows the future of printing and converting is here and now

    By Converter on July 5, 2018
    COMPETENCE 18, this year’s Open House event at BOBST, attracted over 600 visitors, including many of the leading packaging and label manufacturers and converters in the industry. The event, which took place June 5-8, 2018 at the Competence Center of Bobst Mex, Switzerland, promised to show the “Solutions for the challenge of tomorrow,” addressing key trends facing packaging converters, such […]
  • Comexi exceeds expectations at the technical seminar in Mexico

    By Converter on July 5, 2018
    More than seventy customers and collaborators attend the technical conference on flexible packaging trends Girona, June 27th, 2018. – During 2018 Comexi, global leader in the flexible packaging industry, is organizing various technical seminars on new trends and global solutions for the market in several countries around the world. Comexi sends its best technicians and specialists to deliver high-quality lectures […]
  • CSP Technologies, Inc. Introduces Material Science Lab in Newly Expanded Manufacturing Space

    By Converter on July 2, 2018
    CSP Technologies, a leader in designing and producing packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – has completed a 100,000-square-foot facility expansion at its Auburn, Alabama headquarters, and is currently transitioning several new and enhanced capabilities into the ample space To date, the expansion is highlighted by CSP Technologies’ first-ever onsite Material Science Lab – […]
  • Crown Aerosols and promotional packaging

    By Converter on June 28, 2018
    Globally, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics is an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Figures suggest that consumers are leaning towards the more premium end of the market and with choices becoming wider and more varied than ever before, brands must be increasingly creative in order to differentiate and stand out loud and proud on retail shelves. However, […]
  • Getting a load of the unboxing phenomenon

    By Converter on June 27, 2018
    With the summer retail season already in full swing, retailers around the country will, no doubt, be packing in the preparation to take their purchasing power up a notch. However, while good products and a great customer service will, of course, be top priority, the choice of packaging, particularly amid the rising popularity of unboxing videos online, could add that […]