Static Elimination

  • Business buoyant for MBC Guttin representative Webtek UK

    By Converter on February 2, 2015
    Since taking on the UK and Ireland agency for leading French converting equipment manufacturer MBC Guttin in May 2014 Webtek UK has seen a steady growth in enquiries and sales for their equipment. “The most popular Guttin product is proving to be the range of safety chucks which can be retrofitted to virtually any machine,” comments Stuart Grantham.  ‘The 150 […]
  • Meech shows sustained growth in key regions

    By Converter on December 16, 2014
    In a time when a number of European companies face considerable economic challenges Meech International shows no signs of declining growth thanks to a consistently positive performance across all its regions worldwide. With a strong rise in sales over the past year the British company is fast establishing itself as a key player in the static elimination sector. “Meech does […]
  • Meech expands its UK team

    By Converter on July 1, 2014
    Meech International has appointed four new members to its team in the UK to provide additional support to help the Oxfordshire-based manufacturer’s growing business by boosting its sales, production and marketing efforts. Internal sales and technical customer service adviser Darren Marchant will work alongside Meech’s field sales representatives to streamline the sales process and act as the vital link between […]
  • Static neutralising system with full network functionality

    By Converter on February 13, 2013
    Hildebrand Technology is the first and only company worldwide to offer an intelligent electrostatic neutralising system which provides the full functionality of a network. The IONstream FUSION product line offers its users indefinite flexibility and future compatibility. This intelligent micro-controller operated electrostatic discharging system communicates via the well-known, established and reliable CANbus. All relevant and important system parameters and data […]
  • Static generators for temporary adhesion

    By Converter on June 28, 2012
    Fraser Anti-Static is launching a range of industrial static generators for use in temporary adhesion applications in the plastics, paper and packaging industries. The 7-Series is suitable for semi-automatic operation or full integration into these processes. Using specialist electronics to produce controlled and safe high voltage up to 50kV, the power available is from 30W to 150W in positive or […]
  • Humidifier improves process control

    By Converter on June 28, 2012
    With paper being susceptible to changes in relative humidity, low levels can cause a build-up of static. JS Humidifiers offers a simple but very effective solution When the oldest printing company in Scotland John Watson & Co was seeking to enhance its process control by improving the humidity of its print room, JS Humidifiers specified and installed its JetSpray air […]
  • Low cost, high efficiency static discharge system

    By Converter on June 28, 2012
    UK static control specialist Arrowquint has announced the arrival of a new Eltex static control system. Basix is a low-cost, high efficiency, static discharge system aimed specifically at converting machine manufacturers and suppliers. The R47 bar is shockless and small in section but with an output usually seen in larger, more expensive bars. This means that the Basix system is […]
  • Neutralising ‘zebras’ by means of True DC sensor technology

    By Converter on June 28, 2012
    Stuart Grantham explains how Hildebrand Technology’s Ioncontrol Fusion incorporating True DC sensor technology eliminates the zebra effect on materials As the demand for more efficient machinery running at higher process speeds increases, the Achilles heel of conventional static neutralising equipment will start to become more apparent. The faster a machine runs, the more material passes under a static neutralising bar […]
  • Making the grade with fine paper

    By Converter on March 9, 2012
    A leading partnership of corrugated cardboard packaging has developed a long term partnership with paper manufacturer Sappi to ensure it meets customer demand for quality. Sustaining its position as a leading European producer of preprinted corrugated cardboard packaging is a challenge that THIMM meets by focusing on identifying innovative products to enhance its portfolio of these packaging solutions. Using flexo, […]
  • Forming a bond with an electrostatic charge

    By Converter on March 9, 2012
    The unpleasant effects of static electricity are well known. People can receive shocks, materials cling together or a spark damages materials or even causes a fire. An electrostatic charge can also be very useful. Materials can be charged deliberately to make them bond temporarily. Invisible helping hand Static charge can be an invisible helping hand in your different production processes. […]