Shonan trading leading the way at the 7th Highly-functional FILM expo and conference in Osaka, Japan

Shonan Trading, Teknek’s wide web distributor in Japan, attended Filmxpo to highlight the latest production technology to producers of high value functional films.

The Shonan stand was centred around the latest innovative technology introduced by Teknek, the world leaders in Contact Cleaning. Shonan were also invited to present the TWC product at one of the conference slots arranged by the organisers.

The TWC is the first wide web cleaning machine designed for the unique demands of the high-end OEM’s supplying equipment to film producers and convertors. The TWC boast’s several “technology firsts” in this sector:

  1. Best cleaning available – latest UTF roller technology used on the TWC
  2. Low applied cleaning pressure – new sleeve technology makes little impact on web tension
  3. Silicone free option, will process all materials – adhesive and roller are silicone free.
  4. Static dissipation option available – remove the risk of static discharge in the process

The show was very well attended with many OEM’s interested in specifying this technology. A lot of Chinese visitors had made the trip to this show as it is seen as a centre of coating excellence.

Shonan now has a demonstration machine at their facility and will conducting a series of demonstrations during 2018.

Shonan Trading is a specialised trading company with a small team of well-trained engineers offering the highest technical sales and service to the converting sector. They have travelled to the UK to complete the “Teknek Academy” and understand the benefits that the system brigs to the manufacturer.

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