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  • Crown Aerosols and promotional packaging

    By Converter on June 28, 2018
    Globally, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics is an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Figures suggest that consumers are leaning towards the more premium end of the market and with choices becoming wider and more varied than ever before, brands must be increasingly creative in order to differentiate and stand out loud and proud on retail shelves. However, […]
  • Tubes are the perfect match for paint testers

    By Converter on February 12, 2018
    RPC M&H Plastics has produced a new flexible tube to package and apply Crown Paints matchpot samples The new tube features a built-in applicator sponge designed to apply paint evenly to a test area while minimising any potential drips or mess that could be caused by a traditional paintbrush. The Crown Paints matchpots offer a sample capacity of 40ml which […]