18 years of web tension control solutions by Optima

Web tension is a critical element of numerous manufacturing processes. No matter how demanding a production process is, either the material or the running parameters, the control systems designed by Optima ensure that the correct web tension is reliably maintained. Optima Control Solutions, the Blackburn-based systems integrator, have designed, built and applied high quality variable-speed drive control systems to an impressive range of web tension applications.

Optima’s clients enjoy better control, increased reliability, improved performance and uplifted productivity. Optima’s experts have a comprehensive understanding of the control system as a whole, appreciating that every closed-loop system includes mechanical components, transducers, the materials being processed and many product-conditioning elements. Optima’s vast experience in designing systems that accommodate and control all these variables ensures the systems we produce perform well in every application.

For each project undertaken by Optima Control Solutions, the following main project stages are included:

  1. A comprehensive survey of the existing machine control strategy
    Using in-depth knowledge of web applications Optima identifies areas requiring improvement or factors that are limiting machine performance
  1. Develop a full machine specification
    Here Optima’s engineers define how the new control system is to operate and how any existing limitations will be overcame. We believe that involvement at all levels from management to operators is paramount to the success of the upgrade.
  1. Design a fully integrated drive control system
    Optima’s system will fully satisfy all of agreed specification criteria and, more importantly, the customer’s operational requirements
  1. Design and schedule the upgrade to fit with the customer’s machine availability.
    Prime project management of this can be provided on request.
  1. Optima’s experienced engineers or approved subcontractors install all of the control system elements
    Machine downtime is a significant factor in any project. The skill of the installation team and quality of their work is critical.
  1. Fully commission the new automation equipment and provide baseline post-commissioning performance data for the machine
    The best machine ownership experience follows best design practise and high-quality commissioning. These are core deliverables with every Optima system.

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