A host of features

AN AUTOMATIC one minute, tool-less, size change – over 100 different FEFCO styles – blank widths from 100mm to 2.4m – board grades from E Flute to AA 300/300 – run flute in either direction – auto trimming of glue flaps – run speeds of up to 1,200 boxes per hour coupled with kinetic energy reclaim technology are just some of the features of the Hipak Kinetic 2400 claimed by box making machine manufacturer Autobox Machinery.

The machine is completely new both mechanically and electronically with the design brief to produce a box maker that requires the absolute minimum of setting time and without having to fit any change parts. Barry Tabor Autobox’s MD says “ A box making machine only makes money when it is producing boxes so we have ensured that our new machines are quick set and are engineered using the very latest technology to provide reliable operation over many years and to provide optimum energy savings.”

All components have been specified for true 24/7 running and advances in motion control and electronic technology have given Autobox design engineers the opportunity to produce a machine that sets new standards in short to medium run box making machines.

Mechanically, the machine is housed in a heavy duty solid steel frame assembly that results in smooth running and minimal stress on all moving parts. There are no chains to wear and stretch and with all main servo drive motions being direct drive, slot accuracy is improved across all box styles. Kinetic energy generated when the machine is slotting and creasing board is captured and reused to enable the machine to consume up to 95 percent less energy compared to previous models and has resulted in Autobox gaining accreditation from the Carbon Trust.

The advanced control system enables jobs to be stored and recalled quickly. Once a job is selected, the machine automatically sets itself including blade and crease wheels positioning as well as adjusting creasing pressure for different board grades. Guides on the feeder are also auto set. New jobs can be either programmed at the machine or sent remotely via an Ethernet connection enabling jobs to be scheduled and monitored without either being next to or having to stop the machine. Production information provides users with valuable data to not only monitor machine and operator performance but to also help in costing future jobs.

The basic Hipak Kinetic 2400 takes pre-cut blanks and can produce over 50 different FEFCO styles. It features an automatic feeder and with automatic glue flap removal, the machine can be left to produce boxes with minimal operator attendance. With the addition of the HiCut module that includes the ability to cut board to length and width, stock sheet can be used. A die cut station is included for cutting hand holes. An optional overhead feeder enables palletised stock sheet to be automatically fed. The number of FEFCO styles increases to over 100 including 0401/2 and 0302. A wider model enables board widths of 2.6m to be handled for converting large trays or wraps. Print options include single colour digital or flexo.

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E: b.tabor@autobox.co.uk