Abatement-Exchange.com is the eBay for used abatement plant

Since the website was launched last year, the Abatement-Exchange.com website has established the widest selection of used abatement plant worldwide listing over 100 used thermal oxidizers, concentrators and accessories.

Spanish OTR-Compra-Venta.com and American Oxidizer-Exchange.com versions have since been added with Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and German soon to follow. Selection by type, capacity and location makes for quick and easy searching.

Abatement plant, such as Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO’s) is a significant cost to any business. Increasingly, Clients cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of specifying new purpose-made abatement. As a result, Clients are searching the used abatement market to reduce costs. At the same time, there is increasingly more quality used abatement plant becoming available as Operators expand, relocate or (sadly) close When installing used abatement plant, getting a good match to the process load coupled with the right technology is essential. Capital cost is a major consideration but a bad match can result in significant ongoing running costs for many years. It is not just about matching the airflow capacity but process loading variation, efficiency, flexibility, etc.

Therefore, searching a wider choice of plant in one place provides the best opportunity to achieve a good match quickly at a realistic price.

Abatement-Exchange.com is not only a place to buy and sell used VOC abatement, but also a source of valuable information and technical back-up. A Buyers Guide is available free to members which explains the technologies in simple terms and highlights the importance of matching the plant to the process loading profile. A recent addition is the Information Library which assembles a range of useful information including Environmental, Health & Safety, Standards, Associations, etc. on a range of subjects as links or downloads.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Free membership
  • Reduced costs, saving 30-60% against new
  • Free technical support by phone/email
  • Greater choice saves time searching
  • Better match reduces running cost
  • Shorter installation programme
  • Free Buyers Guide helps make an informed choice
  • Email alerts when new listings added

Benefits to Sellers

  • Free membership
  • Sell direct to the buyer
  • Extensive market exposure for quicker sale
  • Guidance on valuation
  • Technical support by phone/email
  • Technical review ensuring appropriate information is displayed

EPM are established specialists in the packaging industry for dryer optimisation, design and installation of exhaust ductwork and diverting dampers, load assessment, abatement project management, MCERTS emission monitoring and on-going services such as LEL sensor calibration and COSHH assessments.

Request further information: info@abatement-exchange.com

Further details: www.Abatement-Exchange.com