ADHESIVAS IBI installs a Mark Andy Evolution press

ADHESIVAS IBI, the family business that has been supplying labels to the Spanish market since 1980, has installed a Mark Andy Evolution flexo press

The new Evolution line, which was unveiled at Labelexpo Brussels 2019, is a perfect complement to Mark Andy’s award-winning Performance Series.  Built around the fully servo driven P7 platform, the Evolution is a modular press that can adapt its configuration to current working circumstances and be modified later if necessary.

The Evolution installed in ADHESIVAS IBI has a 330mm (13”) web width, eight flexo printing stations and is equipped with UV curing.  It incorporates Mark Andy’s QCDC (quick change die cassette), automatic registration and pre-registration functions and, with no drive shaft, servo control of unwind and rewind tension.  The new E5 press joins the Company’s existing Mark Andy P5 at its production facility in Ibi, near Alicante

José Luis Iváñez, founder and president of the company, who has led the business for the last 42 years, commented: “We chose the Evolution because we believe it is the ideal press to satisfy our existing demand and offers the necessary flexibility to explore new markets.  We have a responsibility to our customers, so it is vital that the new equipment complements our current technical skills and knowledge.  The new E5 will help us develop products for specific markets and, as it is our second 330mm press, it also offers additional capacity.”

Recognised for its high level of customer service, ADHESIVAS IBI undertakes jobs that require detailed attention.  Special designs, short and medium runs are part of daily life for the company, which is neither established nor interested in competing in the volume label markets. Mr Iváñez believes that Mark Andy’s technology gives his company a distinct advantage over its competitors: “We are seen as a flexible company and our clients appreciate the fact that our size makes us accessible.  They like to deal directly with people who have the knowledge and experience,” he said, adding “there is no typical job here – every day and every shift are different and that is our strong point.”

ADHESIVAS IBI currently employs 42 people, occupies facilities of 4,300 square metres and has made a name for itself in the Spanish market, based on professionalism and customer service.

Photo caption:
ADHESIVAS.jpg – Miguel and Mario Iváñez, sons of the founder and CEO Jose Luis Iváñez, with the company’s new Mark Andy Evolution 5 press.