Advanced, high performance air drying and web handling technologies

Spooner Industries provides a range of advanced, high performance air drying and web handling technologies including air flotation dryers, air impingement dryers, conveyorised dryers, flat bed through air dryers, Air Turns and coolers. 80 years of experience ensures in-depth knowledge and understanding of specific web coating and drying processes, which allows Spooner to design and engineer the optimal drying solution for your needs.

Under an agreement with Anguil Environmental systems Spooner also provides pollution abatement technologies including regenerative thermal oxidisers, recuperative thermal oxidisers, direct fired oxidisers and catalytic oxidisers, adsorption systems, rotor concentrators, energy recovery systems and solvent recovery systems.

Comprehensive pilot facilities are available at the Spooner UK headquarters for product trials, testing and development. Spooner’s Technical Service Division provides machine surveys, energy audits, refurbishment, training and optimisation as well as spare parts and other services.

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