Air cooled print curing

A MARKETING partnership between Canada’s Lumen Dynamics and Germany’s Atlantic Zeiser may serve to accelerate sales of Lumen’s new Excelerate FC-200 series air-cooled UV LED print curing solution.  Designed for single-pass, narrow format applications, the Excelerate FC-200 series is claimed to deliver the ‘highest irradiance available from any air cooled UV LED curing solution’ offered in the digital print industry (an irradiance of more than 8.5W/cm2).

The print curing system offers a combination of air-cooled and high irradiance via thermal management and a compact design that allows customers to achieve high printing speeds without the need for any coolant. The environmentally-friendly UV LED cool curing solutions by Excelerate can be easily integrated into existing printing environments and offers versatility in a variety of substrates.

As the first product of its series, Atlantic Zeiser showcased the Excelerate FC-201 at the recent Interpack 2011 exhibition in Germany with the unveiling of its new Omega and Smartcure Air printing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are pleased to be the first to offer an eco-friendly, air-cooled UV-LED curing inkjet print solution powered by Excelerate technology that presents significant advantages to the print industry,” states Ralf Hipp, vice president of Atlantic Zeiser’s Digital Printing & Coding Solutions division.


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