Air-cooling is the key

GERMANY: The specialist requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is just one sector Atlantic Zeiser Group’s latest portfolio addition, the compact combination of Omega 20/25 printing module with air-cooled UV LED curing system Smartcure Air, has been developed to excel in.

The Omega 20/25 printing module and its air-cooled LED curing technology also features powerful inline integration components for marking, coding and serialization of late-stage customization, as well as product track and trace and anti-counterfeiting. The air-cooled UV LED curing solution does not require any additional cooling units or coolants. The demand for lower printing widths of 20mm to 25mm is based on the installation options available on existing packaging lines at pharmaceutical producers. As these are generally large-scale systems, there is very little space for marking and coding integration modules, which is why a compact design is crucial, says the company.

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