Air pollution control in any colour you like – as long as it’s ‘green’

Unlike the Model T Ford which Henry Ford famously said was “available in any colour so long as it is black”, environmental equipment from Spooner Anguil really is available in a variety of colours. Whether to blend with surroundings, meet a corporate colour or simply to be in vogue, the only essential requirement of any environmental installation is that it must be ‘green’.

Yorkshire-based specialist papermaker Weidmann Whiteley used to ship paper to the US to be printed with a diamond pattern before being shipped back to Europe for finishing. When a print line became available within the group the opportunity was seized to bring the printing process in-house, safeguarding existing UK jobs. However, the print line required an air pollution abatement system to allow it meet EU regulations and be operated in the UK. Turning to local supplier Spooner Anguil, an economic and environmentally friendly thermal oxidiser system designed to reduce the harmful VOC emissions was engineered and manufactured at Spooner’s Ilkley headquarters.

The two-chamber RTO is designed with 97% thermal energy recovery to dramatically reduce gas consumption to 3% of the total energy required and with more than 99% destruction efficiency the system complies with the solvent emission directive. An additional feature was supplemental fuel injection (SFI) which offers a 25% additional saving on the gas consumption compared to operating a gas burner.
The only remaining decision Weidmann Whiteley faced was to select a colour that would blend in with the area of natural beauty surrounding the facility. The site is also overlooked by many Otley residents so the oxidiser had to look unobtrusive and also operate without disturbing the neighbours.

Following discussions and the offer from Spooner Anguil to paint the oxidiser any colour they required, Weidmann Whiteley decided the most appropriate colour was British Racing Green.

 “All our environmental solutions are custom designed and engineered to suit our customer’s needs, covering everything from the concept to the colour scheme,” comments director Steve Newell. “Spooner Anguil’s ultimate goal is to reduce air pollution as well as energy consumption for our customers, often achieving a payback of less than two years for them.”