All new tension loadcell amplifier from TTS Systems

Eventually all good things have to come to an end - the TTS Systems DCA-10 has just become old enough to learn to drive at 17 years, but in modern day electronics terms that is ancient!

So, the all new DCA-22 has a hard act to follow, plus also taking onboard customer feedback – both positive and negative. We have maintained the three 0 to 10VDC analogue tension load outputs – Total, Left and Right loadcells, plus a new 4 to 20mA Total tension output. Simple push button calibration following a logical user-friendly path, now aided with display screen instructions and prompts.

TTS Systems has always offered amplifiers that work with Foil and Silicon Strain Gauged tension loadcells, usually requiring modification or special connection modules. The DCA-22 will work with both strain gauge technologies, simply by choosing the correct menu setting the amplifier will do the rest for you. Response time, filtering speeds and overall measurement performance are all improved.

One feedback we received many times was the physical space required for mounting the DCA-10. The DCA-22 has been turned on it’s side relatively speaking to the DCA-10 – now easily mounted on only 22.5mm of DIN rail – 105 x 22.5 119 mm (H x W X L).

The DCA-22 is easy to set-up, calibrate and use in your tension measurement application. We have even produced an upgrade document from the DCA-10, which includes wiring diagrams and simple to follow engineer instructions.

TTS Tension Loadcells and Transducers manufactured in the UK, offer measurement ranges from 10N up to 25,000N, in cartridge, flatbed and custom designs. We understand tension measurement loadcells and that a standard product may not always meet your exact application requirements. This is where our custom designed transducer service comes into play – capacity, mounting assembly, shaft diameter / length, connector type / location, output, etc. Contact our design team today with your application requirements –

Our products are extensively used in the paper, process, converting, plastic film and web printing industries. In fact, any material on a roll or reel that is processed through an automated machine can have its tension measured and controlled. This will improve the quality of the end product, reduce the waste / scrap material and could increase production speeds.

TTS Systems have been designing and manufacturing complete web tension measurement and control solutions for over 20 years. Working with System Builders, OEMs and End Users providing technical support and back up in the UK and Europe through our direct staff or distribution partners.

For further information please contact TTS Systems on 01233 624422 or