Andy Gillis appointed vice president and general manager for Anderson & Vreeland

The appointment of Andy Gillis as vice president and general manager for Anderson & Vreeland Inc., a leading manufacturer of flexographic print technologies, equipment, and consumables, has been announced by Darin Lyon, president and chief executive of Anderson & Vreeland Inc.

Mr Gillis previously served as the vice president of sales and general manager for Anderson & Vreeland and Provident. His expanded management role will now include the marketing, manufacturing, converting, logistics and procurement teams.

“Andy’s leadership over the past eight years has served our companies well and we look forward to his continued positive impact. His leadership style and genuine care for others are both inspiring and refreshing to watch,” said Mr Lyon.

In his new position, Gillis will implement the strategic direction that further positions Anderson & Vreeland Inc. as the market leader in the flexographic printing and packaging industry. He will oversee business operations across nine North American facilities, strengthening the company’s workflow and team/client relationships.

“I’m excited to confront the new challenges of this role head-on,” said Mr Gillis. “I look forward to working closer with my teammates in other departments while driving an inclusive culture and overall growth for the company.”