Antalis Packaging announces first ever Pro Pack event

Antalis Packaging has teamed up with supplier FP International to host its first ever Pro Pack event at its headquarters in Coalville, Leicestershire. The two-week pop-up event, running from June 26 to July 7, has been created to help companies significantly improve their packaging operations and set up their businesses for future success.

Scott Day, category manager for ‘In the Box’ packaging systems and solutions at Antalis Packaging, comments: “We are very excited to be partnering with FP International to run this exclusive event for any new or existing customers looking to discover a better way to package their products.

“In our experience, there are always newer and more innovative ways to make a packaging operation more efficient and to reduce costs – but they may not always be obvious. We want to help companies pinpoint the specific areas where they can make improvements, which will ultimately have a positive impact on their bottom line.”

Antalis Packaging is highly experienced in being challenged to devise packaging solutions that help companies overcome the issues they are facing. On average, it has helped customers achieve costs savings in excess of 60 per cent and improve packing speeds by 70 per cent and above.

Visitors to the event can bring their pack along for a free packaging value analysis to pinpoint where savings can be made, whilst improving product protection. There will also be experts to pack at the event, sending the finished package back to visitors so that the full unboxing practice is experienced.

World-leading cushioning and void-fill systems from FP International will be on display and visitors will have the chance to talk to experts, including Antalis packaging technologist, Jason Poxon, about how the company’s solutions can save time, money, space and improve ergonomics. Finally, there will be exclusive event-only offers at Pro Pack on the latest solutions from FP International.