Antalis Packaging opens new smart packaging centre

Antalis Packaging has opened the doors to its new smart packaging centre (SPC) which features a demonstration suite for packaging automation and a dedicated packaging design studio.

Following the initial launch of the SPC in 2018, the company has seen demand for its services grow. Antalis Packaging’s head of innovation and design, John Garner, said much of the demand is driven by customers seeking to find solutions to their packaging sustainability and efficiency concerns.

 The new SPC, opened in January 2022, has been designed to cater for this growing need. It provides customers with the opportunity to not only discuss their packaging requirements, but to also see packaging automation in action as well as packaging design solutions developed, and samples quickly created on site.

The latest developments in packaging automation, including carton and bag on-demand machinery, are showcased in the new demonstration suite. Customers can also have demonstrations of a full range of in-the-box systems in air cushion and paper technology that wrap, cushion and protect products. Systems on display, including those from Lantech, Sealed Air, Ranpak and Pregis.

Providing customers with the opportunity to see automation in action is a huge benefit, as Mr Garner explained: “A lot of our focus at the SPC is on helping customers to understand how they can future-proof their business. Having the opportunity to see automated packaging machinery working makes it easier for them to understand the features of the different machines and to visualise how it might integrate with their existing set-up.”

The new dedicated design studio offers innovative packaging design as well as artwork design. Once a packaging solution has been developed on screen, samples can be created – and printed – in the demonstration suite.

The ability to create fully printed samples is proving very popular with customers. Mr Garner said: “We have had an injection of fresh thinking from our talented university interns, two of whom are now working full time in the studio. They have really wowed us – and our customers – with their fresh ideas and ability to create packaging solutions.”