Antalis Packaging reduces distillery’s transit breakages to zero

Antalis Packaging created a fully-insured, pulp-based bottle protection solution for Sloemotion Distillery – an artisan spirits business – which has resulted in a reduction in transit breakages from 1 in 20 to zero.

Sloemotion Distillery based in Yorkshire is a business creating spirits and liquors. Farm shops form its main customer base along with direct sales from its online shop. Antalis’ northern packaging team helped Sloemotion to create a bespoke outer box with a three-part moulded pulp insert capable of holding bottles of various shapes and sizes, to reduce in-transit breakages.

Sustainability is at the heart of Sloemotion, from their traditional, low-impact, small batch production processes to their packaging. However, they were experiencing high levels of breakages during transit – so the client had resorted to packing each order in two boxes for protection. The issues were affecting the company’s bottom line and increasing its environmental impact.

Antalis Packaging team visited the Sloemotion Distillery to assess the scale and scope of the requirement. Sloemotion’s existing packaging was a standard carton with either a six or twelve cell divider. Bottles in different shapes and sizes needed to be accommodated – a single box might contain a variety of bottles.

Antalis helped to create a three-part moulded pulp solution to keep the bottles secure in the outer carton. The 10cm-deep base of the insert has multiple ridges, enabling it to hold a variety of sizes of bottle. The middle part sits on the shoulder of the bottle while the final part sits over the top of the neck. In total, 90% of each bottle is covered, offering optimum protection during transit. Bespoke outer cartons in four different sizes were also produced to ensure a snug fit and quality of presentation. To ensure effectiveness, drop tests were carried out with a success rate of 100%.

Ben Oakes, packaging account manager at Antalis UK, comments: “The client’s damages were having a negative effect on the company’s bottom line, as well as on the environment, due to over packaging. The solution we devised used off-the-shelf and bespoke components. The fact that they are now able to insure their deliveries is testament to the effectiveness of the new packaging.”