API Foils invests £5million to boost production

API Foils is investing £5 million to boost production of decorative foils from its Livingston, UK manufacturing base to meet increased demand.
“We were finding that demand for our product was in danger of outstripping supply and were already working for 24 hours, 6 days per week with a view to becoming a fully 24/7 manufacturing plant,” says managing director Will Oldham. “In addition this investment will further improve the quality of foil that we produce
“Last year we had to increase output by 20% and this year we have seen a further increase of 15%. It was becoming very clear that we needed to invest in production to meet future demand to satisfy our customers.”
The investment includes the installation of a new metalliser which will increase the site’s capacity for the metallisation process by 150%. It will work alongside the site’s existing metalliser and brings a number of benefits to API’s customers.
“Investment in the Bobst K4000 means that we can offer our customers faster deliveries and more flexibility in what they order and we have the capacity for further sales growth.
“Having this new more flexible machine at our disposal enables us to more closely match our client’s requirements for different widths with less waste and we can manage changeovers and quantities more accurately.”
Phase two of the company’s investment will see the installation of a new coater in early 2015 to run alongside the company’s existing coaters. The coater will be the largest investment in API Group history with the API manufacturing site in Livingston becoming the largest foil manufacturer in the group.”