Arrowquint celebrate 40 years of static control with the new Basix range

Arrowquint are the sole UK distributors for Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH and have been for 40 years, we can provide solutions to all of your static charging and static discharging needs. Eltex are renowned worldwide for their static elimination, anti static devices and static charging systems, which means that Arrowquint are able to solve virtually any static issues which you have, whatever your product or process.

Arrowquint’s new BASIX range of Static Eliminators is proving successful within the Injection Moulding/Enclosure Industry, where Static Charges have created major processing issues at all stages of production.
Every part of the process, from the tool-face to automated assembly of the finished product, particularly in the ENCLOSURE Industry, can suffer from high levels of Static Charge which can increase contamination, increase rejection rates, disrupt conveying systems and increase Production times.

Our new BASIX range of Static Eliminators is already combating and neutralising disruptive Static Charges. The combination of the ELTEX ES47 Power Supply coupled to the ELTEX R47 Discharging Electrodes over the supply conveyors and ELTEX R36 Ion blowers at the accumulating areas has dramatically improved both quality and product handling whilst simultaneously increasing production efficiency.