Atlas Machine Knives provides both comprehensive sharpening services and replacement knives to all types of industries across the UK and globally

About1Atlas Machine Knives Ltd was founded in 1981 initially specialising in providing the converting industries with a reliable and comprehensive machine knife sales and sharpening service. We operate from our large workshop in West Yorkshire, UK using modern CNC controlled machines and highly skilled fully qualified engineers. We provide a reliable weekly on-site collection and delivery service throughout the North of England as well as a courier service covering all of the UK and rest of the world.


Machine Knife Sharpening

We can sharpen (regrind) just about any type of machine knife from tiny circular crush cutters to large 5 metre long guillotines. We have one of the largest surface grinders in the UK and other CNC machines that can sharpen just about any machine knife used today. Our sharpening services are tailored to meet your needs. They range from one-off annual guillotine sharpening to providing multinational companies with a weekly service for their complete range of machine knives. No job is too small or too large and we offer a competitive pricing structure.

Over 20 years experience in providing sharpening services to a number of different industries has allowed us to gain a solid understanding of the quality requirements to produce a consistent and reliable service. The importance of grinding wheel type, grit size, coolant application, machine speed and their match with knife material cannot be over emphasised. Our knowledge ensures that you get maximum performance and minimum downtime between blade changes. Our fully equipped workshop and skilled engineers ensure our sharpening services are to the highest possible specification always matching or exceeding OEM tolerances. Our machine tools include over 14 different precision CNC grinders.

You can rest assured that we won’t excessively grind your knives, we just remove the wear, ensuring you get maximum life from them. Within the North of England we can collect, sharpen, and deliver your knives back to you normally within 7 days. If you are elsewhere in the UK you can post your blunt knives direct to our workshop, we will sharpen them and return them via secure courier within 5 days. We can also provide an emergency turnaround service and have your sharpened knives back to you within 1 day.


New Machine Knives

We can supply all types of new machine knives, usually from our comprehensive stock. All our knives can be produced in a range of materials to meet your cutting needs; typical steels we manufacture from include high speed steel (M2), high carbon (D3), high carbon/high chrome (D2), tool steel (EN31), carbon spring steel (CS95) and more exotic material including powder metallurgy (CPM10V) and tungsten carbide (WC). We can produce knives from drawings/sketches or samples and always aim to beat the prices you are paying now.

Whether your requirement is for top or bottom knives; multi edge blocks; circular, straight or dished knives; crush cutters; split knives; guillotine blades; granulator or palletiser knives; retarder, saw or doctor blades; corrugating, slitting or sheeter knives; or any other type of machine knives -we can supply them all.

We also supply a wide range of cutting consumables and pneumatic knife holders including bearings, spacers, springs, shim steel, pneumatic fittings, knife holders including crush and hot cut; rubber and neoprene seals; cutting sticks; and anything else you may need to keep your cutting process running.



Technical Support
Here at Atlas Machine Knives Ltd we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on all aspects of using machine knives. We are regularly called in by companies to solve cutting problems that other people have not been able to rectify. If you are using our knife sales or sharpening service all our technical advice is free of change.

Our valued customers cut everything from cheesecake to sheet steel. We can advise you on the correct material for your task as well as proven angles to make your blades stay sharp for longer. We have seen and fixed all kinds of cutting problems from cracking blades to rough edge finishing. More often than not you don’t need new knives, we can use our knowledge to provide you with the correct, most efficient solution.


SalesGet In Touch

Here at Atlas Machine Knives Ltd we welcome enquiries about our services and products. We can provide quick and accurate quotes, assist you with technical advice and advise you on our services.

With a vast and varied customer base we have the experience to meet your needs. We take pride in servicing all our customers be that meeting the complex needs of an international paper mill or someone coming into our reception area with a handful of knives to sharpen.


Atlas Machine Knives Ltd
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