Audited certificates on recycled content in Faerch products sets new standard for transparency in sustainable food packaging

Faerch provides customers with third-party audited statements on the recycled content in its food packaging products.

Certificates follow the strictest calculation method and are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The new standard ensures maximum transparency for customers and offers evidence-based documentation for consumers, legislators and other stakeholders.

In an industry-first effort, Faerch provides third party-approved certificates on the share of post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in its PET food packaging solutions. Customers gain full transparency for their products on individual recipe level, and statements are audited by PwC.

“The amount of recycled post-consumer content in food packaging is a key indicator for sustainability”, said Faerch UK Ltd CEO Spencer Johnston.

“Consumers and legislators expect full transparency. With our audited certification we eliminate any uncertainty and doubt. We apply the strictest calculation method and use post-consumer content, based on an ISO definition as the basis for certification. We very much encourage decision makers in the industry to focus on maximising post-consumer content in contrast to post-industrial material, which is frequently referred to but, in fact, comprises of industrial by-products or virgin regrind that has never been in the hands of a consumer.”

Audited certificates are available for Faerch’s entire UK CPET range, with the levels of post-consumer recycled content between 53% and 79%. Audited certificates for Faerch’s remaining PET products, which includes levels of up to 100%, will be available in the coming months, covering all countries across the Faerch Group.

In parallel, Faerch’s portfolio of sustainable materials and product offerings continues to grow at pace. Many more truly circular products are being added and Faerch’s tray-to-tray recycling capacity is also massively expanding, with new sites planned. Faerch is partnering closely with customers supporting them on their transition towards circular packaging solutions to meet the industry’s most ambitious sustainability goals.

Faerch will expand the certification to include a specified percentage for pots, tubs and tray post-consumer recycled content.