Automated system improves productivity

At drupa Laem System demonstrated how to enhance productivity through a highly automated system located at the bottom step of a packaging production facility.

A slitter-rewinder featured full automatic positioning of the slitting heads, automatic motorised displacement of a laser beacon unit for quick core positioning, 4 rewinding differential shafts for non-stop production and automatic reel extractor that delivers the finished reels onto a fully automatic unloading device. This device turns 90° and pushes the finished reels to the edge of unloading arms where a robot collects and puts the reels on a pallet. When barcodes to close the finished reels are used customer orders can be managed from the operator panel of the slitter-rewinder or from a PC to robot palletise them correctly.

Laem System had been contracted worldwide to manufacture a high variety of special machines for the converting industry; its engineers are able to customise solutions to meet the challenging demands of the converting market worldwide.

Laem System

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