Automation matters – the Universal X9 SR Slitter Rewinder

Production managers hate down time, in fact they hate down time nearly as much as they hate time wasted by machine operators retooling for complicated job setups. The Universal X9 Slitter Rewinder is designed to enable converters to attain a very high level of productivity by minimising the amount of time that the machine spends idle between jobs.

Downtime between jobs and production time lost to setups is minimised on the X9 by a series of intelligent automation systems. While waiting for a job to finish the operator enters the details for the next job on the touchscreen control system. The operator starts a new job by moving the parent roll to the X9’s shaftless unwind, which then picks up the roll. The web guider eye, the automatic knife positioning system and the laser core alignment systems then automatically move into place.

After the parent roll has been slit and rewound the roll pusher and ‘lower to pallet’ unloader makes completing the job swift and safe for the operator, eliminating the need for heavy manual handling.

Highly productive slitting at an affordable price

The Universal X9 SR is a variant the of the Universal X9 factory fitted with options designed to minimise time lost between short run jobs. Universal Converting Equipment manufacture both the control systems and machinery for their slitter rewinders; this gives total control and the ability to exploit the tension closed loop control system for precise tension control and creating perfectly slit rolls.

The inclusion of a recipe recall system enables operators to recall technical information for specific jobs, further reducing setup time and diminishing the opportunities for operator error. Combined with the data logging capabilities of the Universal X9 this allows converters to record and track back the parameters of specific jobs, including the actual tension profiles, to facilitate improvements in reliability and productivity.

In summary, the Universal X9 SR is designed for converters who will benefit from reduced downtime between short jobs and simplified setup of complex jobs.

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