Automation simplifies the process

Responding to customer demand for an operator-friendly machine with fast change over, Universal Converting Equipment has designed an automated solution

Leading supplier of converting equipment worldwide including slitter rewinders, hot melt and laminators, slitting machines and ancillary systems, Universal Converting Equipment responds to customers looking to constantly improve their converting operations. So when they asked for an efficient core cutter the company spent some time researching the markets to determine exactly what users were looking for. They found that core cutters currently on the market were not straightforward to set up and change over between core sizes.

“Most of our customers generally need to cut 3-inch cores but at times need to switch to 6-inch so our aim was to design an automated core cutter which was as operator-friendly as possible,” comments

Alan Jones. “Simple and fast to set-up and change over core sizes would be major features of the new machine.”

Inbuilt features

Automating the cutting process involved incorporating a number of inbuilt features. The operator enters the core lengths and number of cores required using a simple menu on the easy to use touch screen. Once the core has been loaded, the cutter automatically cuts the required number. All operations are PLC controlled using sophisticated positioning algorithms to ensure precise and clean cuts every time while maximising the life of the blade.

The touch screen control provides a recipe management system allowing frequently used cut sizes to be saved and recalled at a later date. Unlike some competitive systems the option for variable core lengths is built into the machine as standard. Up to seven different lengths can be programmed to be cut out of a parent core.

The core cutter can be supplied with a high capacity automatic core loader for faster core cutting with minimum operator input; the cartridge can hold up to 50 cores.

When changing between core sizes a great deal of productive time can be lost. With Universal’s automatic core cutter the integrated combined chuck for 3 and 6 inch cores allows the operator to change between sizes in less than 30 seconds simply by altering the cutting anvil (video available on request). Once the cutting anvil has been changed the control system recognises the different size on the core cutter and automatically changes the cutting speed and height of the core support. Features of the automatic machine include:

● Combined 3” (76mm) and 6” (152mm) core gripping chuck as standard

● Switches between different core diameters in under 30 seconds

● Automatic core length measurement

● Automatic job setup

● Multiple size cuts from single parent core

Once the list of core lengths has been entered and the parent core loaded, the automatic core cutter does the rest. Once the core has been cut through, the knife is automatically withdrawn to protect it from damage – all the time keeping operator intervention to a minimum.

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