AVT to showcase HD label and narrow web inspection system and new digital printing solutions at Labelexpo Americas

Helios HD Turbo
Helios HD Turbo

AVT will introduce an extensive range of new solutions to the North American market at Labelexpo Americas, September 13-15 in Chicago. Located at Booth 711, the company enters the show as one of the world’s top automatic inspections solutions providers in the global labelling and packaging industries; over 50 per cent of high-end inspection and quality assurance systems in these sectors are AVT platforms.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 4,000 inspection system installations worldwide, AVT’s leadership status is bolstered by one of the print inspection industry’s largest R&D groups, as well as supplier partnerships with the most prominent names in printing, including key digital players such as HP Indigo, Landa and Gallus-Heidelberg.

The exhibition will see the North American premiere of AVT’s Helios Turbo HD, offering, for the first time, high definition resolution inspection along and across the web at full press and rewinder speeds – all without sacrificing superb quality assurance and key applications such as inline barcode verification.

AVT also offers Helios D digital press inspection system, an automatic, 100 per cent print inspection solution designed to meet the specific needs of digital printing in the labels and narrow web markets. Based on AVT’s proven, well-established Helios product line, Helios D supports all stages of digital production workflow, including the identification of specific defects like missing nozzles, ink dripping spots, and colour changes as soon as they occur. The result is reduced waste, enhanced production and comprehensive process monitoring.

At Labelexpo Americas, the company will also showcase its Helios S Turbo system, which is integrated into the HP Indigo 8000 hi-speed Digital Press supporting inspection of any material, surface or reverse print. The system’s high resolution and high speed ensures print quality, data validity, barcodes and numbers tracking, as well as DeltaE colour monitoring – all in one pass.

AVT also will introduce its SpectraLab II, a new generation of AVT’s in-line spectral measurement supporting nearly any application, including transparent flexible, paper, cartons, etc. SpectraLab II offers new compact design, advanced colour workflow management and improved inline-to-offline measurement correlation. SpectraLab II also features enhanced colour reporting capabilities, including real-time alerts to third-party reporting systems when colours shift out of tolerance.

AVT also offers offline inspection solutions that provide quality standardisation and greatly reduces setup time. Customers can set and maintain quality standards across production operations as well as between different jobs and runs, reducing the ‘human factor’ in the inspection process. Enhanced setup consistency and suitability between operators is assured, since all settings can be initiated by the same operator for all AVT inspection systems.

Another US premiere is iCenter Platform, a next-generation cloud-based solution that provides solutions to set cross-site quality standards, auto-analyse PDF files for inspection, and extract business intelligence from the production floor with a seamless connectivity to MIS and prepress solutions for optimised automated workflows.