Bagging partner

IPS PACKAGING, US-based industrial packaging specialist, has signed an agreement with Formost Fuji Corporation, provider of bagging systems. IPS Packaging is now its partner for the southeast region of the United States, representing its bagging equipment and bagging and wrapping systems. IPS Packaging is a packaging distributor with packaging solutions.

Strategically, this new partnership with Formost Fuji offers IPS Packaging an introduction into new markets and provides a new portal into many of its existing markets through the introduction of higher speed packaging solutions,” said Steve Taylor, equipment specialist, IPS Packaging.

Formost Fuji is a manufacturer of horizontal bagging machines, as well as horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal wrapping machines. It specialises in various integrated automation systems that can align, collate and feed products for a variety of industries, including baking and confectionary, pharmaceutical and medical, fresh produce and processed foods.

Brad Murdock from IPS Packaging said: “We look forward to partnering with the leading provider of bagging and wrapping systems and equipment. With this partnership we gain a leading edge in the industry that fits into our growth strategy and will help us further improve our customer’s packaging processes.”

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