Berkeley Machinery manufactures a wide range of printing and converting machinery for the packaging industry

We recently opened our new industrial demonstration facility in Peterborough, UK where we installed our Autoflex Excel XT340-8 colour flexographic press which was purchased by Xerox’s label converting operation in France. The Autoflex was purchased on its excellent build quality and high speed production which included unique design features for allowing the customer to produce special products without modifying the press. A further six orders have been placed with us for this press to be exported to new clients of Berkeley Machinery. Many of them will be able to produce several new products which our competitors were not able to incorporate into their production machines as Berkeley Machinery has a unique facility in their design of the press to allow for special products to be produced at higher speeds which exceed 250m/minute for a narrow web press.

Our compact range of Apollo Z presses have been a major success and we have sold 14 presses to one multinational company for the manufacture of special laminated products.  We recently sold an Apollo 330Z-5 colour press to a pharmaceutical printer in Latvia who is now producing excellent quality laminates incorporating foil and film.  Prior to this we sold an Apollo 330Z-5 colour press with multi die cutting options, special laminating facilities and quick operating functions to a UK based printer, Label Aid in Atherstone.

By the end of May Berkeley Machinery will be introducing a new in-line press, the Comet range, which will incorporate many features associated with the Autoflex and the Apollo press and will be a press that will produce excellent work at a very affordable price and we will be installing a Comet RS340-9 colour press at our demonstration facility in Peterborough. 

For every press bought by the client, Berkeley Machinery will contribute a nominated sum to a charitable cause as we have a social conscience and want to promote a better ethos to the one which has been caused by the financial meltdown. 

A major part of our business is still producing machinery and parts for OEM manufacturers as well as diversified development work.

Berkeley Machinery has been increasing our partnership with other distributors who have played a major part in the business drive and we are very proud to be associated with our UK distributor Polygraphica.

Due to the owners of Berkeley Machinery having historical links with India dating back over 100 years we have developed an operation in India which has allowed us to understand the key sectors of the market and develop a unique facility in India’s expanding economy.

We will soon be opening a new facility in Atlanta, USA, where we have taken over a Company with assembly facilities and we will soon have more news on this.

You can see further details of our machinery and showroom at our website: