Blisteringly good technology

At P-MEC to be held in Mumbai, India this month, the Romaco Group will demonstrate its expertise in proven blister and carton packaging technology.

The Noack N 623 with platen sealing is a proven blister packaging line that is simple to operate and absolutely dependable. Several servodriven QuickAdjust systems control the production process during the coding, perforation and die-cutting steps.

Any variations in foil characteristics are automatically compensated. When installed in an in-line configuration with the Promatic PC 4000 continuous motion cartoner, the machine achieves a maximum output of 420 blisters a minute.

The system is said to be suitable for blistering numerous pharmaceutical applications including tablets, capsules, ampoules and syringes in addition to various nonpharmaceutical products.

Romaco says the technology impresses customers with its long-term durability, low lifecycle costs and excellent value for money.

Romaco Group

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