BOBST UK open house a great success

Over three days from 10-12 October 2012, BOBST Manchester hosted an open house at its new technology centre in Heywood, England. More than 40 customers discovered the benefits of the AlOx process and the Pinhole Detector.

The day consisted of technical presentations in the purpose built sales lounge followed by two demonstrations on a BOBST General K5000-2850 in the new demonstration area. The first focused on the AlOx process. BOBST uses a standard aluminium metallising machine as a foundation for the process which results in versatility as one machine can be used for two processes without compromise. BOBST’s technology uses the controlled injection of oxygen into the aluminium vapour stream, causing a reaction between the two elements to produce aluminium oxide (AlOx). This compound can be transparent if the process conditions are  correctly controlled.  

The application is available for coating a wide range of films including PET,  BOPP, CPP and PLA. The coated film can be  used for end products including baked goods and microwaveable products.
The AlOx demonstration was followed by a technical presentation and  demonstration of the BOBST General Hawkeye Pinhole Detector. Hawkeye is  a monitoring system that at full metalliser speed, detects, counts and  categorises pinholes and other defects from 0.1mm upwards. Hawkeye setsthe benchmark for in-process control; bringing increases in speed and final  product quality.
Customers from around the world including  Europe, North America, Canada, China, Pakistan and India were  impressed with the new technology centre and the programme. A resounding success, it paves the way for many more to come.