Brand owners can manage colour in the cloud

X-Rite and Pantone LLC have unveiled PantoneLIVE, a cloudbased colour service that provides instant access to essential brand colour standards. From chocolates and champagne to soda and stilettos, the past year has seen many cases of counterfeiting, deception and consumer confusion – all tied to the ubiquitous colours that uniquely identify brands.

“Globally consistent colour standards are essential to brand identity. With supply chains made up of hundreds of different facilities scattered around the world, corporations struggle to control and maintain colour consistency,” says head of the new Pantone Digital Business Unit Dr Sonia Megert. “PantoneLIVE is a dynamic ecosystem, open to all supply chain participants which delivers consistent colour across the entire packaging workflow from design concept to retail store shelves.”

Brand colour standards are the principal component of PantoneLIVE and derived from real ink on real substrates using real printing processes. This allows brand owners to predict how corporate spot colours will reproduce on a variety of substrates including brown corrugated, clear film and white polypropylene.

A brand’s colour assets, analogous to its DNA are managed and maintained in a secure cloud-based data repository to ensure accurate colour communication – to any supplier in the world.

Windmöller & Hölscher is recognised as the PantoneLIVE technology partner serving the flexible packaging industry.

In this capacity, the company will extend the capability of its EASY COL on-press colour matching solution to incorporate access to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, allowing converters to reduce press set-up times and in turn assure the quality of important brand colours on press.


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