Brighter Unilux LED-12 Leads Second Generation of UNILUX Handheld Strobe Lights

ad01Solve your production and inspection problems close to their source. The LED-12 has twice the light output of its predecessor and offers higher performance levels.

  • Inspect anywhere in your production process
  • Gain immediate knowledge of surface quality
  • Pinpoint defect origins quickly and efficiently
  • Monitor startup and shutdown procedures
  • Provide motion analysis and diagnostics of all mechanical equipment

Available in standard and UV versions to allow inspection of security printing, coatings, sealers and incandescent inks. The LED-12 combines the operational and environmental benefits of LEDs with the power of Xenon-based strobes.

The LED-12 provides an internal phase control for better handling of production and maintenance operations. Its narrow-beam spot illumination covers a 45cm diameter when 90cm from the target.


  • Phase control for internal and external trigger modes
  • Adjustable flash rate
  • Flexible triggering sources
  • White light approaching visible spectrum of sunlight
  • One hour of continuous battery power
  • Ozone-free, environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight


  • Versatile inspection capabilities
  • Uninterrupted inspection
  • Less unscheduled downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less waste, higher yield



Printing & Converting

  • Labels
  • Slitting
  • Rewinding
  • Laminating and coating
  • Die-cutting
  • Security printing


  • Spray nozzle
  • Diagnostics
  • Formation
  • Transfer
  • Finishing


  • Galvanizing lines
  • Inspection lines
  • Recoil lines
  • Tension leveling
  • Tin


  • UV inspection
  • Speed measurement
  • Machine vision
  • Camera inspection
  • Motion timing
  • Textiles

Light output @30cm:

LED-12 handheld      4,750 Lux

LED-12 UV               1,450 μW/cm2


Flash rates:

Internal trigger mode:            300-50,000 flashes per minute

External trigger mode:           0-50,000 flashes per minute

Ask for a demo on-site at your machine and see the difference.


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