Burgopak celebrate Pride month with inclusive gift card packaging design

Packaging design company launches its For Everyone Campaign during Pride month, celebrating inclusivity with “gift cards are for all seasons, all occasions, all nations and all people”.

‎‎Working as a packaging provider in the loyalty and gift card sector, Burgopak has observed a trend towards genderising gift card design. For this campaign, the company did away with stereotypes and gendered colour palettes and explored the wider potential for inclusive design.

Designed with four CMYK punchy colours for the carrier, and seven vibrant pronoun gift cards, the packs have been created to reflect the diverse and beautiful nature of the LGBTQ+ population – that no person need be limited by out-dated expectations. Messaging and pronouns are displayed in holographic foil.

Produced on Holmen Iggesund 350gsm Creato board, the card and carrier are all made with FSC certified materials. They are also widely recyclable, as Burgopack wanted to demonstrate the possibilities for environmentally conscious gift cards and packaging design.

Burgopak  marketing manager Alethea Price said: “We are known for our ‘One We Made Earlier’ (OWME) campaigns, for their creativity and innovation, but this year we wanted to draw attention to a cause close to our hearts showing support for our LGBTQ+ colleagues and the wider community.”

The company adds: “Stripping back the product to its basic components, we first injected colour into the collection making the rainbow accessible to all. Complimenting this with an array of occasions supports the concept that gifts can be for any occasion, for anyone. Brought to life in on our classic coupe packaging and in our famous stop-motion style.”

To each pack will be a randomly-combined card and carrier, creating a rainbow of colours. Each celebrating a special occasion for a randomised pronoun, breaking the stereotype that any one person might expect a specific colour or needed occasion to celebrate, while in each card slot with be the holographic foil “For everyone”.

Burgopak concluded: “Our ambition is to support brands in maximising every consumer touchpoint with an opportunity to connect and engage. This Pride month we hope we can provide some inspiration for more all-embracing and gender-neutral packaging design by encouraging you to join us in rethinking how we, as an industry design gift cards and carriers.”