Business buoyant for MBC Guttin representative Webtek UK

Since taking on the UK and Ireland agency for leading French converting equipment manufacturer MBC Guttin in May 2014 Webtek UK has seen a steady growth in enquiries and sales for their equipment.

“The most popular Guttin product is proving to be the range of safety chucks which can be retrofitted to virtually any machine,” comments Stuart Grantham.  ‘The 150 and 250 series safety chucks are a quick and easily installed alternative to other manufacturers chucks. In certain new build or retrofit applications modification to the airshaft, brake or drive motor already in use on the machine might not be necessary”.

A key design feature of MBC Guttin safety chucks is the ability where fitted to quickly and easily replace the journal seat wear parts without removing the safety chuck from the machine. A further key design feature is that the body is fabricated from high quality steel tube. Several other manufacturers of safety chucks use a ‘cast’ housing.

The ‘safety’ in safety chuck is the unit’s ability to self close if the operator occasionally forgets to manually close the pivoting hand wheel. This self-closing mechanism relies on the back face of the hand wheel contacting the chuck housing  on rotation to  close the hand wheel.

With chucks manufactured using a cast body, housing wear can become a major problem as after repeated use of the self closing mechanism the hand wheel wears away the contact point on the chuck housing. In extreme cases the housing can become worn away so severely that the hand wheel self closing mechanism fails to fully operate with potentially dangerous results.

The MBC Guttin chuck housing is made from a tougher, high grade steel tube so the wear experienced with cast chucks is virtually eliminated. As with many different manufacturers manual safety chucks, MBC Guttin 150 and 250 series chucks are designed to be manually closed each time they are used. The self-closing function is the backup mechanism if an operator forgets to manually close the hand wheel. It is not the primary method of closing.

For applications where remote or automatic closing of the safety chuck is required the pneumatic safety chuck series 2200 and 2300 can be supplied. These chucks can also be retrofitted where manual 150 and 250 series chucks are currently employed. 2000 and 2100 series pneumatic safety chucks are available and these are specifically designed for vibration free and high speed, applications. The safety chuck head has up to a 120mm horizontal stroke for engagement with the winding shaft. 1150 and 1250 series sliding safety chucks with 50mm or 100mm axial adjustment are available in addition to the manual and pneumatic safety chuck range. All safety chucks are available with or without removable wear parts.

Further MBC Guttin products supplied through Webtek UK are disc brakes, carbon fibre airshafts, bowed spreader rollers with rubber sleeve, curved spreader rollers with spirals manufactured from aluminium , steel or stainless steel, spreader rollers with silicone or polyurethane cords, spreader rollers with stainless steel or wooden slats.

Webtek UK arepresents in the UK & Ireland  Helios pneumatic knife units and slitting systems; Hildebrand Technology web and sheet cleaning equipment, static charging, static measuring and static elimination equipment; and  Atem steel and aluminium multi strip airshafts, airchucks and air knife shafts.  Webtek UK supplies a range of shaftless unwind and rewind chucks.