Calling all Bobst training course ‘graduates’

BOBST would like to hear from anyone who attended a Martin or Bobst training course  held in the UK or Ireland during the 1990s. It is 21 years since Bobst started to run courses locally using UK-based  instructors instead of bringing instructors over from Switzerland or France and to mark  the anniversary we are trying to gather together memories, anecdotes and photos from  anyone who has attended – especially the early course delegates.   

The very first courses were held at Don Dawson in Wimbledon and at customers’  plants with later courses held at the Friedheim Training Centre (next to  Lasercomb Dies in Redditch) and Bobst’s own purpose-built training centre, also in  Redditch.   
Graduates of the early courses may recall instructors including John Ardern, Dave  Stanley, Phil Dobson, Howard Hughes, Neil Jones, Martin Knight, Dennis Gallagher,  Geoff Chandler, Matt Kingham, Steve Walsh, John Twigg, Lee Alton, while later  course delegates may remember current instructors Paul Helliwell, Graeme Doran,  Chris Isham, Paul Willer and Andy Colley.   
Anyone willing to share their recollections of these courses and even photos if they  have them is asked to contact Alistair Smailes by email at:; calling 07768 110922; or by adding a comment on-line at: