Carbon Fibre Ribbon Tension – TTS finds the solution!

TTS was recently asked to measure the tension of a carbon fibre ribbon 8mm wide, travelling at speeds between 5 and 10 m/second, whilst being wound onto an elliptical shaped former. To add further to the tension measurement and control there was six ribbons being wound onto the same former at the same time!

So let’s start with the first principles, measure the tension as close as possible to the active point, to do this we needed to re-design one of our standard cartridge loadcells to better fit the application – measurement range and physical size. So, the TTS 210R loadcell was developed and is now available today.

The TTS 210R ribbon loadcell has a 12mm wide aluminum pulley, a stainless steel body with an overall length of 60mm and 50mm diameter. Measurement ranges of 25N, 50N, 125N and 250N with foil strain gauges providing 1mV/V output, in a working temperature range of -20 to +85 degC. Mechanical mounting is from the M10 thread on the rear, this allows for easy installation and alignment to the wrap angle.

This new development has also opened up the possibilities of other pulley shapes and sizes, including a V pulley for wire and filament tension measurement. This is all part of our custom designed transducer service – mounting assembly, shaft diameter / length, connector type / location, output, etc. Contact our design team today with your application requirements –

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