Cardboard bicycle to revolutionise transportation

Cardboard Technologies (IGCT) is launching an Indiegogo campaign to secure capital for the initial production line of the cardboard bicycle. Said to be the first of its kind made from recycled cardboard, plastic bottles and used car tires, the cost of materials is estimated at $9-12.

Although made primarily of cardboard, the bicycle is durable, fire and water resistant and can support more than 400 pounds. Cardboard Technologies’ industrial and environmental game-changing innovation will reach both consumers and enterprises because it uses Post-Market Resources (recyclable waste) to create useful, affordable everyday products.

“Imagine a time when every plastic or cardboard product that is thrown into the recycle bin will contribute to the creation of a bicycle, wheelchair or toy,” says Israeli engineer and inventor of the cardboard bike Izhar Gafni. “Basically the idea is like Japanese origami but we don’t compress the cardboard or break its structure. We overcome the substrate’s failure points by spreading out the weight to create durability.” Today manufacturers are legally obligated under US law to recycle the packaging of products. Cardboard Technologies’ ecological revolution will allow them to turn excess packaging into high quality products at extremely affordable prices, enabling an additional, environmentally friendly and energy efficient source of income.

“This is the literal interpretation of the saying ‘one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure,’ says CEO Nimrod Elmish. “Our product not only uses garbage to create something of value but also helps in building a recycling culture in developing countries.” Cardboard Technologies passed on several equity investment offers from entities that prioritised financial values over social values.

“IGCT innovations seem to me to represent a unique opportunity for moral capitalism in action – environmental innovation that delivers a superior product that is good for consumers and good for society,” comments Jeff Swartz, former president and chief executive of the Timberland Company and Cardboard Technologies’ lead investor. “I am proud to be associated with this team.”

To allow as many people as possible to be a part of this green revolution Cardboard Technologies is launching an Indiegogo campaign. The funds raised will allow IGCT to establish the first cardboard bicycle production line, thereby creating jobs, affordable transportation and a cleaner environment. For the people, by the People.