Clearwater Paper adds TAD paper-making capabilities

Clearwater Paper Corporation today announced completion of the next phase of the company’s newest facility at Shelby, NC culminating in the start-up of the company’s new through-air-dried (TAD) paper machine. The machine produced its first finished ton and converted product on 13 December.

“Construction of all phases to date of the nearly one-million-square-foot facility came in on-time and on-budget,” says chairman and CEO Gordon Jones. “The dedication and support of Clearwater Paper’s 200 Shelby employees have already made this facility a huge success.”
Upgrades to a second Clearwater Paper TAD paper machine located at the company’s facility in North Las Vegas have also been completed. The enhancements enable the facility to produce TAD ultra-bathroom tissue and household towels.
New production and distribution capability at Shelby is expected to increase the company’s ultra and premium offerings to existing southern and East Coast customers. Collectively, the two TAD machines will create new opportunities to expand the company’s private label consumer tissue business around a national manufacturing footprint, supplying these key products to customers across the US.
“The completion of the flagship facility in Shelby fulfills one of Clearwater Paper’s primary business strategies – to focus on growing the consumer products segment of the company,” says president and COO Linda Massman. “Combined with the recent upgrade at our North Las Vegas facility, these two important projects have helped Clearwater Paper achieve our goal of a coast-to-coast manufacturing footprint focused on best serving our private label customers.”
The Shelby project announced in June 2010 involved significant coordination with local and state agencies.
“The ongoing support from the people of Cleveland County and our new, exceptionally talented employee team has made this world-class facility possible,” says Vince Reese, Shelby plant manager.
“We clearly owe a big thanks to the hundreds of contractors who have worked methodically night and day for two years to build one of the finest tissue manufacturing complexes in the world,” says Brian Hoaglund, expansion project leader. “We worked seamlessly with government agencies from Shelby, Cleveland County and the state of North Carolina throughout the process.”
Clearwater Paper’s Las Vegas TAD machine was completed in 2004 to fill an important void in the private label tissue marketplace, which lacked a leading national brand equivalent (NBE) ultra-premium quality paper towel product. Since the machine became operational, Clearwater Paper has been a leading supplier of TAD paper towels to regional and national private label retailers throughout the US.
“The Las Vegas upgrade was a success for many reasons including excellent project management,” says Bill Copenspire, vice president consumer products manufacturing. “We completed significant pre-installation work before the scheduled outage and had very good communication between Clearwater Paper and an army of vendors.”
“Clearwater Paper can add NBE TAD bath tissue to our product lineup at a time when the ultra-quality tier is the highest growth segment in bath tissue,” said Bruce Woodlief, director of marketing. “The addition of TAD bath provides retail customers with a significant quality improvement over their existing conventional ultra-bath product.”