Coating in lab first pays off

LABORATORY COATING machines are designed to replicate customer applications using original substrates. Web Processing’s equipment has been configured to cover a wide range of coating techniques.

These techniques include blade over roll coating, blade in air coating and a crush calender It is also possible to have meyer bar coating as well as a dip and squeeze facility for complete impregnation of substrates. Gravure coating and lick roll coating may also be included in the machine, depending upon the requirements of the final customer. A hot blade facility can also be incorporated to allow coating of thermoplastic materials such as EVA and olefins, specifically aimed at the carpet and artificial turf industries.

Once coatings have been completed, they can be dried using a reciprocating hot air dryer. This drying system can be controlled using a timer for length of drying, or it may be a manual system, with the temperature of drying being easily regulated on the actual heating unit. The machine is not designed for the use with inflammable solvents, although this could be made should this be a requirement.

The standard machine produces coated samples 300mm wide and one metre in length. The unit can, however, be modified to produce alternative sizes if required.

It is a free standing machine which is simple and easy to use and can replicate production machine manufactured materials very uniformly. It is possible to make samples for R&D purposes, compound or fabric evaluation, new design evaluation or initial physical testing without the expense of using production scale machinery.


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