Comexi Consolidates Its Presence in the Swiss Market with the Sale of an L20000 Laminator

The acquisition of this machine enables Primcut AG, a company specializing in
the manufacture of labels and banderoles, to meet increased demand

Girona, August 17, 2022.- Comexi, a specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing
and converting industry, is consolidating its leadership position in the highly competitive Swiss
market as a result of the sale of an L20000 laminator to Primcut AG. The acquisition of this
machine enables the Swiss company, which specialises in the manufacturing of labels and
banderoles, to cope with a sharp demand increase. This sale is in addition to other acquisitions
during 2021 in Switzerland, including those of an F2 MB flexo press, a Comexi S1 DT slitter with
laser, and a robotisation for a slitter.

“The Comexi L20000 is a water-based laminator that minimises waste at the start of a job, an
essential benefit to address the growing trend of short runs, which is cost saving and reduces
environmental impact,” explains Ramon Jonama, Comexi’s Area Manager in this region. “Primcut
AG prints on narrow webs, and the Comexi L20000 will allow the company to make laminations
and coatings to meet the increase in demand”, emphasises Jonama, who adds that “we are very
pleased with the results obtained in Switzerland, where we have been consolidating our
leadership position due to our sales in recent months”

Primcut AG is a specialist printing company for international customers in the industry of flexible
packaging, labels, banderoles, and tickets. Founded in 2008 in Krummenau, the company
relocated to Neu St.Johann in 2019, the present location of its headquarters.

In response to increasing market demands for short run production, the design of the Comexi
L20000 laminating machine is based on concepts associated with time-to-market, productivity,
profitability, and sustainability. As a result of the machine’s high energy drying efficiency, minimum
waste, extreme web tension control precision, and reverse application system, which is
specifically for water-based adhesives, the Comexi L20000 is the optimal solution in combination
with digital printing or other narrow web printing systems, such as those used by Primcut AG. It
is an extremely compact machine with a fully automated washing system that allows adhesive
changes in less than 10 minutes, thus boosting productivity.