Comexi North America strengthens its sales team and after-sales service

Comexi Group, a specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, takes a step forward to reinforce its presence in the US market.

Comexi North America is committed to the reorganisation and expansion of its team in order to increase market share and provide a more effective response to customer needs. This represents a new boost for the company’s American arm that is already producing good results, with a reported major increase in the number of orders.

Comexi Group has invested in technical and human resources to continue the growth of the brand in America. The strengthening of the company in the USA and Canada is reflected in the relocation of a new North American headquarters, and the recent expansion of a new spare parts warehouse that guarantees its delivery across the region in less than 24 hours. Both facilities are now located in Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing a better distribution of spare parts and more effective customer management.

Following the appointment of Thomas Cusack as president of Comexi North America in early 2014, the company continues to strengthen the sales team with the expansion of its sales network all across America. In Canada, the representation of Comexi Group remains in the hands of Greg Watterson.

Comexi North America has also enhanced the area of after-sales service. This project is part of a global strategy along with the creation of ‘Comexi Technical Services’, a department led by Francisco Artacho from the headquarters of Riudellots de la Selva in Spain and Xavier Molina as service manager in North America. (Read more on ‘Comexi Technical Services’ on page 6 the latest issue of Converter magazine.)

From the new offices in Charlotte, USA, Xavier Molina, together with a team of local technicians, will be in charge of increasing the productivity of the equipment installed through maintenance contracts, technical training and also to expedite the delivery of spare parts throughout the region.