Compact air amplifiers and high thrust jets

The addition of new compact air amplifiers and high thrust jets to the Meech Air Technology (MAT) range opens up new applications for the company’s energy-saving compressed air products.

Three sizes of air amplifier and high thrust jet offer outlets from 9-37mm. The reduced dimensions allow industrial consumers of compressed air to gain the benefits of air amplification where space is at a premium without losing efficiency. Depending on the model, the air amplifiers entrain ambient air at ratios of between 12:1 and 25:1; the high thrust jet a ratio of 4:1.

Both products reduce noise levels by up to 50dBA and have no moving parts, making installation easy and reducing the need for ongoing maintenance.

“Uncontrolled compressed air consumption from open pipes not only costs money, it can create noise levels that cause noise-induced hearing loss,” says international product manager Iain Cameron.

“Our air technology solutions can reduce compressed air consumption by an average of 70% and increase output by up to 25 times The addition of smaller models delivers these benefits to more manufacturers and demanding applications.”

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