Converting sensitive materials

As a leading manufacturer of slitting and rewinding machines for the converting of sensitive materials, FAES develops solutions for the most complex requirements

For more than 20 years FAES has been a leading global supplier of slitting, rewinding and other special-purpose machines, all of which are designed in-house. With its wideranging expertise and target-oriented engineering, the company always has solutions to the complex demands of the industry. In addition to developing and manufacturing its own machines, FAES is a contract manufacturer for components, systems and precision parts for industrial applications. Founded in 1912, the company took over machine manufacturer for the converting industry SM Engineering in 1983.

Today, the company is known as a leading manufacturer of slitting and rewinding machines for the converting of sensitive materials. Its engineers develop machines according to each customer’s individual requirements.

“Our core competence lies in developing machines for thin and sensitive films and foils with small shaft diameters or narrow cuts,” explains Andreas Kaufmann, head of slitting and rewinding technology. “Examples include machines for thermal transfer ribbons, dye sublimation films, stamping foils, capacitor foils, battery separator foils, mica tapes, correction tapes and abrasive paper.”

The demands on machines to make products for competitive markets are as exacting as the materials they are designed to process. With failure quotas of virtually zero, FAES machines are recognised for their high levels of reliability. Designed for efficiency-boosting performance, the machines cut unit costs and boost productivity. Short changeover times provide the flexibility needed to produce different types of rolls – even in short runs – on the same machine. FAES has optimised, extended and systematised its slitting and rewinding machine range to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

Maximum cost-efficiency

The modular, colour-coded system comprises machines developed to meet different requirements. This simplifies machine layout and offers customers an unmatched range of applications combined with maximum cost-efficiency.

FAES has developed a unique system for differential winding technique on 1 inch shafts. Its latest development is ‘system braun’ especially made for sensitive foils and narrow cuts, shortest and constant web length between knives and the rewind shafts gives best roll quality on long runs and extremely good tension control for very thin films and foils.

The machine converts coated or metallised foils from 1-30 m PET, BOPP and BOPET for materials including capacitor foils, battery separator films and stamping foils. The finest high precision tension regulation, precise slitting technology and short web paths complete this comprehensive machine layout. The main advantages of ‘system braun’ are:

–       Narrow slit widths due to precise machine construction and short web path.

–       Innovative slitting system and rollers on guide rails for shortest web path.

–       High speed slitter up to 500 m/min, depending on material.

–       Unmatched tension control of unwinding and rewinding with 4 digital servo drives for very sensitive materials.

–       Short changeover times.

–       User-friendliness.

–       One-side operation.

–       Interchangeable slitting options: razor in air, razor in groove or rotary shear, depending on the materials’ physical properties.

–       Available as a duplex turret system.

–       Compact design and small footprint combined with improved accessibility.

–       Integrated control system with touchscreen operation and advanced recipe management.

Worldwide customer base

The major markets for FAES is Europe, US, and South America, followed by Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Korea, China, Japan, South Africa and Australia. The company has a sales and service centre in Nashville, US and works with agents in UK, Russia, Brazil and Japan. FAES has a reputation for the manufacture of premium slitting and rewinding machines for the converting of sensitive materials, offering machines for various applications and is market leader for TTR and dye sublimation film slitters.

“We focus on niche markets with high performance machinery for thin and sensitive films and foils,” continues Kaufmann. “Our aim is to provide the best tailormade and highly automated solutions for our customers with the aim of a longterm partnership over the life cycle of our products. High performance and long lasting equipment with lowest cost per produced unit makes FAES stand out from its competitors.”


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