Corrosion protection film makes FachPack debut

Nordenia International is presenting a further innovative form of corrosion protection on the basis of a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI). The highlight of the new NorShield packaging is the specially embossed inner film with its high permeability to air. The product makes its debut at FachPack in Nuremberg September 25-27.

Last year the NorShield AC (anticorrosion) was introduced in the packaging market to great success. The laminated composite which is characterised by the extremely fast speed at which the corrosion protection atmosphere builds up, is particularly suitable for the secure packaging of products from the automotive and steel industries and machine and tool construction.
The distinctive feature of the newly-developed NorShield product is its make-up: The adhesive and the VCI mixture are enclosed by an outer and an inner film.
“Our previous NorShield solutions have been composites made from film, adhesive/VCI mixture, and non-woven fabric,” explains product manager Sonja Reinke. “Now for the first time we are presenting NorShield with an especially embossed inner film that has an extremely high permeability to air and releases the active substance just as quickly as the trusted products.”
IN addition, Nordenia VCI products do not present any health risks and are recyclable; the composite is characterised by its outstanding resistance to stretching and tearing.
“The moisture-repellent outer film and the highly efficient VCI mixture combine to guarantee a particularly fast, long-lasting and perfect corrosion protection,” emphasises Reinke.
All NorShield products have been tested and deemed good by the recognised VCI institutes in Germany, the Institut für Korrosionsschutz (IKS) Dresden and the BFSV e.V. Hamburg. In addition they were tested by the Volkswagen Group according to its latest VCI standard and awarded the VW certificate.