Cross-web gluing for short-grain sized products

Planatol offers high performance systems for fold gluing in web printing. The systems for longitudinal gluing Combijet 9NET and 9DT produce exact glue lines and consume very little adhesive.

They distinguish themselves by applicator heads with a service life of hundreds of millions of switching cycles. The gluing nozzles are made of ceramic and last for more than 400,000 km of contact application. The media compartment inside the cabinet has been improved with the components more conveniently arranged and easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Web edge scanning means that a sensor scans the paper web which will stop the glue application when the web is not there. With glue line monitoring a constant glue application can be ensured.

Planatol says it is the only supplier worldwide offering cross-web gluing systems by means of which paper ribbons can be glued together also across the web travel, allowing products in short-grain size to be realised.

Furthermore, Crossjet – a new product study of a gluing system based on a special valve technique – allows non-contact application in cross-web gluing for the first time. Glue dots are shot onto the paper web with high-end applicator heads which are arranged across the web. Even at maximum speed a glue dot will be positioned exactly. With the sophisticated control system the glue can be placed at any position on variable formats as required. With first trial runs already proved successful, Crossjet is soon to replace the existing generation of cross-web gluing systems.


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