C&T Matrix adds Anvil Crease Matrix to its range of specialist Matrix

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) has announced the release of Anvil Crease Matrix, which assists when converting corrugated board that requires folding two ways.

Anvil Crease Matrix is primarily used for corrugated and litho-laminated substrates where the crease needs to fold in both directions, as it compresses the substrate equally from both faces. Anvil Crease Matrix helps to reduce cracking on thinner liners and prevent printed surfaces from being damaged.

C&T UK sales technical director Stephen Williams said: “Recently, a large customer using E and B flute were having to print, then rotate the board manually and die cut the wrong way around to avoid issues. The use of Anvil Crease Matrix meant that this customer could print and die cut without the need to move and rotate. They ended up saving £300k per annum in saved wastage, production time and logistics of moving, converting and packaging.”

He added: “The packaging market is stretched, and pressure on people and production is at an all-time high. We understand this pressure and can provide responsive, immediate support from small independents to large manufacturers – the challenges can be so diverse and unique. Anvil Matrix is just one of the many ways we are aiming to support our customers.”