C&T Matrix make significant environmental progress through lean manufacturing principles

 C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) is committed to making a positive contribution to the environment. Amongst other things, C&T’s lean manufacturing principles have seen it reduce its PVC waste by 50%, transition to using exclusively recycled packaging, and install LED lights throughout its factory.

C&T is acutely aware of the pressure that die makers and carton converters are facing as a result of inflation and is invested in implementing new ways to reduce manufacturing costs. Lean manufacturing is a method that focuses on minimising waste and maximising productivity within the manufacturing process.

One such process C&T has implemented is the introduction of a new routing technology. Since introducing this, C&T is pleased to have reduced PVC waste produced in the factory by 50%. The routing technology allows C&T to reduce the trim produced in PVC manufacturing. Not only does this have an economic advantage, but also a significant environmental one.  In addition, C&T is now fully recycling all the EVA scrap that it produces internally. EVA scrap is put back into its manufacturing process and reused.

C&T has also transitioned to using exclusively recycled and fully recyclable packaging for all its products and has installed LED lights throughout the factory to reduce energy consumption.

Simon Shenton, managing director at C&T comments, “Lean manufacturing is helping C&T to improve our practices and increase efficiency, which has a knock-on effect for our customers in terms of maintaining stock holding and ensuring product range availability and critically keeping abreast of any cost rises so that we do not have to pass avoidable expenses onto our customers.”