C&T pledges 40% EVA waste reduction

C&T Matrix (C&T) has pledged to reduce manufacturing waste by up to 40% by 2022 through initiatives such as recycling selected waste streams produced during manufacture.

To achieve 40% reduction by 2022, C&T has recently invested a significant figure into new equipment including a new twin screw extruder.

Simon Shenton, C&T Matrix managing director explained: “One of the key products used in our manufacturing is EVA – used in the production of our locator components. We reviewed how we might recycle manufacturing waste back into the process, rather than sending it away as waste. We recently purchased a new twin screw extruder that allows us to reprocess the waste EVA into thin tubes which can then be pelletised and put back into our manufacturing system.

“Cultivating sustainable credentials is a long-term strategy for C&T. Ongoing operational improvements, increasing the reuse of internal waste and investing in new planning and manufacturing technology is part of a wider strategy which we will continue to review and implement.”

C&T has also introduced other sustainable measures this year such as recycling throughout the factory, as well as a move to more environmentally friendly product packaging.