DEK Partnerships at SMT Hybrid Packaging Highlight Breadth of Printing Solutions

At the upcoming SMT Hybrid Packaging show in Nuremberg, Germany from 16 – 18 April, DEK will present a wide range of printing innovations and solutions designed to deliver maximum throughput, flexibility, yield and cost-effectiveness. 

Working with German distributor, SmartRep, and top research organization, Fraunhofer Institute, DEK’s dual-location presence on the SMT show floor will cover the latest in printing advances from closed loop, dynamic process control through to the newest stencil designs engineered to enable leading-edge assemblies.

In Hall 7/Booth 419, DEK will join forces with SmartRep, where the print technology leader will demonstrate its ProDEK closed loop system alongside Koh Young’s solder paste inspection (SPI) platform.   With the ability to dynamically optimize the print process and improve yield, ProDEK incorporates unique features such as cleaning frequency adjustments to ensure process stability and defect reduction.  In addition, a second DEK Horizon 03iX platform will be on display with SmartRep, and will be configured with the latest flexibility- and yield-enhancing technologies including Cyclone understencil cleaning, Stinger II on-board dispensing, HawkEye 1700 paste verification, ProActiv fine-pitch squeegee system and Grid-Lok automatic tooling.

“The opportunity to partner with both a distribution leader and a world-class research organization in a single event is exceptional,” enthusiastically comments Stefan Techau, General Manager Electronics Assembly – Europe .  “These displays will cover the breadth of the electronics industry – from standard SMT through to e-mobility applications incorporating power electronics and LEDs – and will illustrate DEK’s comprehensive range of printing technologies.  We’re confident that show delegates will appreciate the variety of enabling tools for multiple application requirements.”

The Future Packaging Joint Booth, located in Hall 6/Booth 434A at SMT Hybrid Packaging, is spearheaded by world-renowned research organization Fraunhofer Institute and is a collaborative endeavor between industry and research.   The manufacturing line will focus on e-mobility in rehabilitation technologies, with an emphasis on current issues in the manufacturing of power electronics and LED components.   DEK’s Horizon 01iX platform, VectorGuard High Tension stencil technology and advanced process support products will play central roles in the live production line, designed to give visitors a glimpse into today’s manufacturing processes.

Stefan Techau, General Manager Electronics Assembly – Europe concludes that there will, indeed, be a DEK printing solution for nearly every assembly application at SMT Hybrid Packaging. “We invite all show delegates to leverage the expertise of our talented team at both locations during this event.  There are multiple approaches to solving every printing challenge and we’re confident DEK can address them all.”