Diecut expands into US

Steve Waterhouse has launched Diecut America to expand the Diecut group of companies, joining forces with Nick Crabtree as vice president who is the other majority shareholder. 

Steve has been in the industry for 20 years and worked at many high profile companies.  Due to the huge success of Diecut UK the products are already becoming the first choice by many companies throughout the world. The company already has two Redline machines in North America and one in Peru as demonstration facilities, double figures in Europe and its first machine being installed in Australia next month. Last year its manufacturing facility produced 26 machines the future looks bright for the Diecut group. 

Nick Crabtree has had over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is known throughout the US as an expert in this industry.  Once technical director for International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD), his working career has taken him all over the world and has made him by far the best partner for Diecut to expand into the US market with. 

Diecut America has three ranges of flatbed diecutter; the newest and most innovative is the Diecut Goldline developed and designed to replace the traditional hand-fed clamshell platen.  Introduced in June 2012 by sister company Diecut UK several orders have been taken for this machine in Europe. 

When the operator changes the tool there’s no need for full body access, making this machine significantly safer than a clamshell; due to the make-up of the press it cuts with more cutting pressure enabling more rule to be used on specific jobs; and electric pressure settings significantly reduce the make ready time.

Diecut America’s second line of machines is the Redline which can either be just a standard semi-automatic diecutter with pallet delivery or fully automatic top feeding system, diecutting section, stripping section and grip edge removal section which enables 100% stripped products.  You can also add heat to this range of machine as with the Goldline. 

The fully automatic range of Whiteline machines is for the corrugated industry available in six standard sizes the largest being 2.5m x 1.7m. This eight-gripper bar system makes even on extreme formats like this one of the fastest corrugated machines on the market offering a great return on investment.