Domino appointment strengthens its specialist global pharmaceutical product identifications group

Domino Printing Sciences has further strengthened its specialist global pharmaceutical product identifications group with the appointment of Julia Felgate as marketing executive. Julia joins Domino’s team of industry-leading experts dedicated to helping pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with the pending Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/EU. In her new role Julia will support the team in focussing on the consultation and successful implementation of holistic, best practice solutions to comply with the developing legislative requirements.

Drawing on her international marketing and events management experience, Julia will manage and implement proactive campaigns to educate and inform Domino’s customers and partners of the implications of all new legislation under the FMD. This will enable stakeholders to prepare themselves to be fully compliant for when the Directive comes into force on 2 January 2013.
“It is an extremely exciting time to be taking on this new role within Domino’s international FMD group,” says Julia. “As we continue to monitor and prepare for the FMD legislative requirements it is essential that pharmaceutical manufacturers are made fully aware of these requirements and how they can make preparations now to ensure that they are ahead of the competition when compliance becomes compulsory.”
Domino’s FMD team headed up by life sciences manager Craig Stobie has spent the past 18 months consulting and engaging with key stakeholders to anticipate and prepare for forthcoming EU announcements.
“Staying one step ahead and being ready for what the FMD will dictate in terms product identification and traceability is going to be essential to avoid disruption to business for pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is therefore critical they know what is happening,” says Craig. “With the expectation of a number of key EU announcements in the coming months, Julia’s appointment will ensure that all our partners and customers will be in the best possible position to review all the solutions and options to get themselves fully compliant as quickly and efficiently as possible.”